Weka.A displaying Macrocarpa furniture at Two Sisters in Culverden

There was great excitement in Culverden yesterday with the opening of the Two Sisters.

A new store selling
Artisan Foods, Fine Wines, Decor, Furnishings and Books


Weka.A has three items on display in the Two Sisters new store.


The fantastic Weka.A kahikatea chopping board.

Just the thing for slicing cheese as kahikatea is odour free.

Available at The Culverden Bakery for $50.00 + postage
and packaging


A solid white stained and oiled macrocarpa coffee table at $460.00

Part of the Culverden Range exclusive to Two Sisters.


A Macrocarpa seat – looks great but also handy for extra seating at the dining table or outside under a tree in the garden.$280.00