On the 14th October 2014 a small group of ex Hanmer Springs residents got together to pay tribute to the late Colin McIvor who co-ordinated the saving of the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools.


The late Colin and Noni McIvor.

Eleven members of the original Committee were there when the Pools opened in 1978 – today only two of the original committee members remain – Robyn Combe (Morris) and Murray Sisson.

The committee headed by Colin were set the daunting task of raising $32,000.00 to save the Pools before the local Council would get involved.This they did under Colin’s guidence,

Lots of people did alot of work to save the Pools but Robyn and Murray have always wanted some sort of acknowledgment for Colin. Because quite simply there would have been no Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools. Hard to believe isn’t it?


The lovely macrocarpa seat constructed by Weka.A with donations from Lew McIvor and Robyn Combe now sits proudly in the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools Complex in Colin’s memory.


Robyn Combe Lew McIvor and Murray Sisson