About our team:

Murray Sisson:

Weka.A's Murray Sisson of CulverdenMurray is a retired builder and joiner who picked up a lot of his skills from English shipwrights while working on the Benmore Dam




Bruce Steele:

Bruce Steele of Weka.A outdoor furniture CanterburyBruce is experienced in Landscape Design, Parks and Recreation, Olive grove development and oil processing and residential garden development




About our name:

Buff Weka

Weka parents forage for food for their family in a New Zealand high country lake. Photo courtesy of Donald Lousley.

The name “Weka” is from the historic Weka Pass entry to the Amuri Basin in north Canterbury.

This picturesque river valley runs through limestone formations dating from more than 500 years ago and was the site of early Maori occupation.

The pass was used in the early 1860’s by the first gold miners heading for the West Coast and later by wagons bringing out the first Amuri wool clip.

“A” for the Amuri Basin. The name Amuri is taken from the Maori name Haumuri and appears to have at least two meanings:

  1. The country that is so different
  2. The Land of the Shining Tussock

 About Wekas:

The Weka, or woodhen, can be both inquisitive and shy, or cheeky and sometimes annoying as they can damage crops and steal things. They are members of the rail family which are mainly aquatic birds, and are capable of swimming well, but are flightless.

More about Amuri History:

The Maori moved through the Amuri Basin to the north, south, east and west but there is very little evidence to suggest that they actually settled here for any length of time.

The Amuri Basin has undergone many changes since Edward Lee and Edward Jollie drove a mob of sheep from the Wairau in the north to the Amuri Plains thus discovering Jollies Pass near Hanmer Springs.

Where once thousands of sheep grazed – many of the larger sheep runs have been divided and dairy farms helped by irrigation have taken their place.

Tourism and viticulture are now making an impact on the area from Waipara to Hanmer Springs.