Weka.A Macrocarpa Planter Boxes

Well it is starting to get to that time of the year.
Not long till Christmas.

A great idea for the person who has everything – and haven’t we all got one of those in our lives!!!!

Planter Boxes? Made of Macrocarpa?

We have recently made up some for a garden in Akaroa to the clients specifications and he is delighted with them.


This photo shows the Planter Box for the potatoes – great as there is no a lot of bending and suitable for people of all ages!


This next photo shows two Planter Boxes built to fit in with the contours of the existing garden – makes life so much easier!!


This last photo shows the Weka.A trailer all loaded up with the Macrocarpa Planter Boxes ready to deliver to Christchurch.

Just a thought – Macrocarpa Planter Boxes – but you’ll have to be in quickly – Weka.A doesn’t hold a lot of stock – everything is made to the clients wants.