Weka.A supplying tables and seats to Preston Downs Subdivision

Weka.A have been busy making 4 large Macrocarpa tables and 8 seats for the Preston Downs subdivision near Christchurch.


Incase people are wondering ? – the unstained area is cemented into the ground – no doubt to stop the tables and seats from being moved!!


These are the bases of the tables – you can see how heavy and solid they are!! On top of these are tops which are 2m x 2m.

More Weka.A news next time!!

Have a safe and Happy Easter.


Weka.A have just finished making two outdoor seats for a new subdivison just outside Christchurch called Preston Downs.


This photo shows the seats on the Weka.A trailor ready to be delivered to Preston Downs.

I was most amused as one of my friends made the comment that the seats appeared to be very high!! and that she didn’t think she would be able to sit on them!!

What she didn’t realise was that the macrocarpa seats have long legs so that they can be cemented into the ground – no doubt to stop people removing them!!

I also explained that you don’t stain the legs that are going to be buried under the ground.Just in case she was wondering!!!!